8 Ways To Help A Child Adjust To Moving Home!

When it’s time to move property, it can be a very stressful time for your child. Whatever their age, this house might be the only home they have known since they were little. It can be hard; especially when such as divorce or illness, mean you have to move. It’s easier if you’re moving in the same area. But if it’s in a new place, it can be a stressful time for them (think ) They will have to potentially meet new friends and go to a new school. You need to handle the situation sensitively. Here are eight ways to help a child adjust to moving home.

Spend time together

The best way to help a child to adjust to the move is to talk to them and spend quality time with them. Tell them as soon as you know when you are moving. It’s best, to be honest to your child about the situation because if they find out from someone else, it will cause a rift between you both. Explain to them about why you are and tell them all about their fantastic new home. If you can, take the child to see the new home so they can see where they will be living. Show them around and talk about what you are planning to do there. If they feel involved, they will find it easier to adjust to the fact you’re moving. Although you are busy with the move, make sure you are still spending time together as a family. Try and keep your lives as normal as possible. Go out together for the day, and let them ask questions about the new home. Listening to the child’s concerns is important. Try and reassure them. The most important thing is to spend time with the child and remind them how much you love them.

Take the child to look around new school

If you are moving to a new area, your child may need to change school. It is a very stressful time for them. You need to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, so their education is not affected. Once you have chosen a for your child, you should ask the head teacher if you can take your child to look around before they start. It will help prepare them to be starting there, and they won’t feel so overwhelmed when they begin. See if they could meet their new teacher who will be able to reassure them that it will all be okay. They might be able to show the child around their new classroom and even show them where they will be sitting.

Get her to join clubs in the area

If you are moving to a new area when moving home, it, unfortunately, means your child will have to make some new friends. It can be an upsetting time for them as they will be used to hanging out with their friends they may have known for years. They may have had to quit clubs when they moved. If they are finding it hard to adjust, suggest to them that they could join some clubs in the area. Research the area for activities they might enjoy doing, or was doing previously, and get your kid signed up. They will get to meet some new friends from the local area, and they will get to learn new skills. Suggest to them to get involved with school so they get to know the fellow students better.

Decorate her new bedroom

When moving home, it can be hard for your child to say goodbye to their old room. Let them spend time alone in there to help it sink in. It might be wise to have the child out of the house when you are packing up. If the child is sad, talk to them about how they would like to decorate their new room. It can be a great distraction, and by letting them choose new furniture, it will be more exciting for them to move. Talk about what kind of bed they might like and go and have a look around the shops and online. Check out sites such as this Also, let them choose paint or wallpaper for their new bedroom. Also, look together for new curtains, and even buy some new toys for the room. And the best way to help them adjust to the new home is to let them decide where they want things when you unpack. It will make it a lot more fun for them if they can have it how they want it.

Buy new stuff for the backyard

One of the places that your child will miss most about your old home will be the back yard. They will have likely spent a lot of time out there, so will find it hard to adjust to the move. Let them have a look around the new garden and decide where to put their toys. You could potentially buy some new swings or slide for the garden. It will put a smile on their face, and they will be excited to try them out. Let them play outside in the new back yard; try and go out there as much as possible. It will help them adjust to the new home.

Visit old friends often

It can be hard to move away from your old home and area because you are leaving your child’s friends behind. They will miss them greatly and may struggle to adjust to moving home. The best thing to do is to ensure they still get to see their friends from back home. Arrange with the moms for them to visit for the day or you could go back there to see them. It will help your child know that they can still be friends, even if you’re not still living in the same and area.

Make a playroom

Talk to your child about the new house and what your plans are when you move. As we discussed , you should add some cool new additions to your new property. One cool thing you can do to help your child adjust is to make a playroom. If you have the space, it’s a very good idea so all their toys can be in one place. Depending on their age, you could have a couple of bean bags and even a TV so they can sit in there with friends. It will be excellent to use as they get older. Talk to them about what they would like to put in there. They will love the idea of a playroom, meaning they will adjust to the move a lot easier!

Have a party

When you move into a new , it’s a good time to celebrate. It would have been stressful moving out and unpacking all your belongings. Therefore, you should have a housewarming party with all your friends and family. It’s a great way to help your child to adjust to the move as they will be able to show off their new room to their friends and family. They will likely be full of compliments which will help your child feel happier about the move! Invite your new neighbors to the party so you can get to know them too.

Remember it can be hard to adjust to moving home so let your child deal with it in their own time.