Barn Conversions: A Walkthrough

For most people, building their own house would be a dream come true. However, not having any building experience can be one of the most off-putting factors. After all, if you have never spent any time on a building site or don’t have a clue about architecture, starting your very own building project could be very daunting even if you do want to hire people to do all the hard work for you.

Why Your Bedroom Doesn’t Feel “Yours”

Bedrooms are a unique room in most homes. They’re one of the few that is designated as a special, private space built especially for you. So, it can affect how relaxed you can feel in a home, and how “at home” you can feel perhaps more than any other room. Let’s look at a few reasons why you might not be getting the sense that your room isn’t really “yours”.

7 Reasons Your Home Hates Summer

Everyone loves summer. It’s the time of year when we feel at our most free, basking in the longer days and enjoying the feel of the heat surrounding us. It’s a happy, relaxed time, built for the making of memories.

Then summer comes along and we have a tendency to realize that we were looking back on it with… well… sun-tinted rose-colored glasses.

Is It Time You Looked At The Home Beneath Your Feet?

When it comes to decorating and renovating our homes, most of us will only look at the issues that are at eye level or above. For instance, it is easy to see when your living room needs redecorating or you need to renovate your bathroom. That’s because we see these things and their issues all the time! But what about all the things that could be going wrong under your feet? When was the last time you took a closer look at your home’s flooring or even its basement? It could be time to look down below now, as these areas could develop some serious problems if they are left ignored. Here are some reasons why it’s time to look under your feet.

5 Tips to Help You Make Moving a Breeze

Are you moving soon? Perhaps to deal with and you’ve decided to throw in the towel. Maybe you simply just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and retreat to a relaxing countryside cottage. Or perhaps it’s the opposite; maybe you want to move into the city to experience life in the fast lane where cars are plenty and fast food is abundant. Whatever your reasons for moving, the one thing you dread the most is probably packing your things.

How Healthy Is Your Home?

We spend so much time making our houses beautiful to look at, but have to given much thought to how healthy it is? We see our homes as somewhere safe and protective, but there are various health and safety hazards that can be quite dangerous when left unchecked. Here are just a few to bear in mind.

When Water Attacks! The Most Dangerous Home Water Problems

Water is pretty much the best substance on the planet. It may not seem terrifically exciting to you, but it’s definitely better than any other substance you can think of. For one thing, it keeps us alive. Better than any other substance can, that’s for sure. It also helps us stay generally healthy. When we drink more water, we can stay focused and alert for longer. We get better sleep. Our moods don’t take quite as many low turns. It’s pretty much flawless, right?

Well, not exactly. Sometimes, water can be a bit of a mischief. It doesn’t always seem to have our best interests at heart. In fact, it can cause a bunch of pretty devastating problems. Your home and your lifestyle are at risk if you’re not aware of the ways in which water can damage those things.

Let’s take a look at some common water problems!

Really heavy rain

There are few things I like more than rain. That is, of course, as long as I’m inside. Then I can just listen to it patter against the window and watch people outside run awkwardly to shelter. But just because you’re inside, it doesn’t mean that you’re fully protected from the rain.

When the rain gets really heavy, it can cause all kinds of havoc. Perhaps the most obvious problem people will think of is flooding. But a more common problem has to do with . The roofing and the draining of your home might not be as strong as you think. This can lead to some pretty serious structural damage. Make sure you get those things checked regularly.

Unhygienic tap water

There are a lot of people out there who find it amazing that anyone would ever buy bottled water. After all, can’t you get delicious water for free from your home tap? Well, most of that is

certainly true for most people in America. But what if the water isn’t particularly delicious? Or even, y’know, clean? Remember the recent ?

So many people have to deal with water that’s not quite colored right, or tastes funny, or smells metallic and odd. It just doesn’t feel healthy – and they’re right to feel that way. You could look into getting a portable filtration gadget that filters the water you pour into it. But this is a short-term solution. This sort of thing should be dealt with via a long-term solution, like an .

Too much moisture

Perhaps the most common problem with water is its fondness for hiding in the air, undetected. Doesn’t sound too dangerous though, right? But all that water in the air is what causes damp and even mold in homes.

These are much more serious problems than people often think. In the short-term, damp causes ugly cosmetic damage. In the long-term, severe structural problems can occur. And as for mold, it’s not just a gross thing you can scrape away. It’s a dangerous substance that releases spores into your home’s air. The same air that’s going into your lungs. So you might want to !

Protecting Your Financial Future When Taking Out A Loan

At some point or another, most of us find ourselves in a tricky financial situation. We need money and fast but aren’t sure what the best option is to get our bank balances back on track. Often, the assumption that we come to is that borrowing is the best option. It’s quick, easy, and will allow you to get your finances back in shape.

Of course, it’s not just a case of selecting any old loan and taking it out there and then. The sad truth of the matter is that not all loan companies are reputable. There are some companies that aren’t trying to help you; they’re only trying to make a large amount of money from you. If they could, they’d make your rates of interest so high that you’d never be able to pay them off.

6 Summer Must-Dos To Prep Your Home For Winter

It might seem ridiculous to start thinking about the approaching winter at this time of year. Particularly with the weather being so warm and temperate. But the simple fact is that in a matter of weeks, things are going to go downhill rapidly in some parts of the country. And, if you aren’t ready for the change, it is going to take you by surprise. With this in mind, we thought we would take a look at seven things you must do as summer dwindles to make sure you are ready for winter. Read on to find out more.

Check the boiler and heaters

Your heating system is likely to have been out of action for some time at this point of the year. It makes sense, then, to do a little maintenance on it before it becomes an essential part of your days and nights. Don’t forget, it there is something wrong it might need spare parts, and you will need to book an engineer. Don’t risk losing your only source of protection against the winter cold and get everything up to scratch before you need to turn it on.

Energy check

You should also check your current energy supplier and think about switching to a better deal. Doing so long before the winter hits will save you a lot of money. Check comparison sites such as – – and get better value from heating your home.

Check your radiators

While we’re on the subject of heating systems, it’s worth taking a look at your radiators. When they aren’t in use, they tend to settle a little which means they need bleeding. Make sure you do it – it will save you money, make your heating more efficient, and keep your home warmer come winter time. The likes of and other ‘how to DIY’ sites have some simple guides on bleeding radiators.

Equipment check

If you are expecting harsh weather this winter, make sure you are checking your equipment and machinery well in advance. They might need serious repairs – or replacing – and the later you leave it, the longer it’s going to take.

Invest in winter essentials

Summer is a good time to see if you can upgrade your winter essentials, too. You don’t want old gear to impact your life because it isn’t working properly. If you live upstate and snow is likely, for example, it might be time to upgrade your blower now, rather than later. Sites like have up to date reviews that might be worth a look. Come winter; you can guarantee that specialist items like this will be out of stock everywhere. Make sure you stock up on basics like salt, and sandbags for flood protection, too.

Gutter checks

As summer starts to turn into fall, it’s essential to pay more attention to your guttering. With so many leaves falling and blowing around, your gutters will start to fill up with debris. Blocked drains are a big that needs your attention. Failure to keep on top of this problem will lead to leaks appearing – and when winter comes you could experience freezing and cracking. The best time to start clearing your gutter is at the end of the summer – it will make clearing it during the fall months so much easier.