Why Your Bedroom Doesn't Feel Yours

Why Your Bedroom Doesn’t Feel “Yours”

Bedrooms are a unique room in most homes. They’re one of the few that is designated as a special, private space built especially for you. So, it can affect how relaxed you can feel in a home, and how “at home” you can feel perhaps more than any other room. Let’s look at a few reasons why you might not be getting the sense that your room isn’t really “yours”.

It doesn’t have enough “you”

People talk a lot about , about adding that little bit of personality and your own life to a property to make it a much more comfortable space to be. That advice goes double for your bedroom. It should be the one space in the home where you let your freak flag fly high, whatever it may be. Personalizing the room, whether it’s putting your hobby on display tastefully, or decorating the walls with your memories or tastes, can immediately make it a much more comforting space.

You can’t get to sleep in it

You can’t talk about a bedroom without talking about the bed, as well. If you’re uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep, then it can be a room more associated with those troubles than any positive feelings. Quality bedding and picking the right mattress from places like is only the start of making a bedroom comfortable to sleep in. You need to consider things like temperature and how you cope with the heat that sunlight might bring into a room facing the sun. Or you might have to work to soundproof the room so you’re not contending with all the noises of the night.

You can only get to sleep in it

A bedroom is a place to sleep but it’s also a space where you should be able to “do your thing” privately, whatever that thing is. It might be doing a bit of work at home, browsing the internet, playing the violin, getting ready to go out. That’s why you should be wary of beds that take up all the space in the bedroom. Even the addition of a desk from can make the bedroom feel like it’s good for a lot more than just putting your head down for the night. Then you’ll feel comfortable spending more time in there and you will get used to it a lot quicker.

You don’t have the room to swing your arms, never mind a cat

Another reason that you might want to be conservative with your choice of bed dimensions is that you need a little space to move around in a bedroom. A claustrophobic, cluttered space is not conducive to a good night’s sleep, relaxing with a book, or much of anything else, really. Even for your belongings can free up some space in the room so you don’t feel so penned in.

If it’s a new bedroom, then it simply might take a bit of time to adjust to a new private space. Otherwise, make sure that the room is actually doing what it’s supposed to. That it’s helping you sleep, giving you a place to do your thing privately, and acting as your own personal space.

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