Even Do-It-Yourselfers Sometimes Need A Helping Hand

Even Do-It-Yourselfers Sometimes Need A Helping Hand

DIY might sound like a free-for-all, but it’s not something you can just launch into – not unless you’re prepared to make some rather expensive mistakes. DIY, like anything, has a learning curve that needs to be overcome before you really start to see results from all your hard work. So what advice is out there for moms?

Always Paint First


If you’re about to tackle a room, make sure that the painting is the first job you do. Why? Because painting is one heck of a messy job. The last thing you want is splatters of paint all over your nice new carpet or doors, ruining them on day one.

Turn Off Your Electrics

One of the reasons why governments all over the West have been banning people from doing their own electrics in their home is because of the high rate of electrocutions. But even if you’re not taking on the wiring itself, you’re still at risk, especially if you’re unscrewing things like plug sockets to paint. Before beginning any work, switch off the electrics at the source and make sure that there’s no current traveling through any of the wires in your home. This will ensure that even if you do hit a wire while drilling, you won’t end up in the ER.

Organize Your Tool Shed

When it comes to DIY, many people waste a lot of time rifling through their tool sheds, trying to find the equipment they need. The main problem is that there usually isn’t enough space, especially when you factor in things like the kid’s bikes, the lawn mower, and the summer seating.

Larger options, such as , should be considered if you want to get a handle on your space constraints. Having a bigger base from which to organize all your tools can help, especially if you carry out a lot of different jobs on your house and .

Stock Up On Double-Sided Tape

When it comes to decorating double sided tape is a lifesaver. You can use it for all sorts of things, from hanging things on the wall to DIY projects with your kids. But perhaps the most useful application is as a rug gripper. The last thing you want is for somebody to come to your home and to trip up on your rug because it’s not adequately secured to the floor.

Wrap Used Brushes In Cling Film

One of the most annoying things about painting a room is how you constantly have to wash and clean out your paint brushes after every application of paint. At the end of the day, it’s the last thing you want to do, especially if you’re going to be painting in the same color tomorrow. A much better idea is to. Don’t worry – the cling film will prevent evaporation and keep the paint on the brush moist.

 Use A Regular Broom To Stain Decking

There’s no need to go out and spend lots of money on a purpose-built decking stain applicator, especially if you’ve got a broom that’ll do the job.

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