5 Tips to Help You Make Moving a Breeze

5 Tips to Help You Make Moving a Breeze

Are you moving soon? Perhaps to deal with and you’ve decided to throw in the towel. Maybe you simply just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and retreat to a relaxing countryside cottage. Or perhaps it’s the opposite; maybe you want to move into the city to experience life in the fast lane where cars are plenty and fast food is abundant. Whatever your reasons for moving, the one thing you dread the most is probably packing your things.

Whether you just have too much junk to deal with or if you’re unsure about the logistics of a move, here are five helpful tips that will make moving a breeze.

Declutter before the move 

One of the first things you should do is start decluttering your house. You can make a killing just by selling off junk that you don’t need, and it’s better to get rid of the trash rather than bringing it with you to your new home. After all, your new place is going to be a new life, so why bring along all the junk with it? Get rid of old electronics, throw away memories you don’t want to keep anymore, and make it easier for yourself when you finally need to pack. 

Smaller boxes are great 

Small boxes are great for a number of reasons. First of all, they’re easier to carry which means that you won’t have to struggle with heavy, flimsy moving boxes. Secondly, they’re easier to stack because they’re more sturdy and lighter. Thirdly, having more boxes means you have more space to organise your belongings instead of throwing them all into the same large box and trying to sort it out later. And lastly, small moving boxes can be kept and used later on for a variety of different things around the home. 

Get some help 

Whether it’s bribing your friends with dinner or hiring a service to get your belongings from point A to B, getting some help is perhaps the best way to move. While it’s not completely stress-free, it does take a lot of the physical labour out of the equation which is perfect if you’re not up for the job or if you have something that prevents you from carrying heavy items. 

Stay motivated 

No one does anything well when they’re unhappy. Play some music, dance a little, put on some videos while you pack, and stay happy. Remember, you’re moving out to potentially start a new life, meet new people or work at a new job—so be happy! Don’t let the stress and boredom of packing up and moving effect you. Instead, and try your best to keep a smile. 

Take it slow 

Unless you’re getting kicked out of your home within the next few days, you probably have plenty of time to complete the move. Take it easy by decluttering your home a couple days before you finalise your new house purchase, and do a little packing each day instead of trying to fit it all into a single day.

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