6 Summer Must-Dos To Prep Your Home For Winter

Key Winter Repairs To Make Before Winter Sets In

Okay, so it might be February, and it might already be winter. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should make winter repairs. After all, the seasons last a lot longer these days, and the weather could be freezing cold until the end of April. As a homeowner, you don’t want to spend your nights with blue lips; you want to be warm and comfortable. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the repairs that will keep you toasty warm throughout winter, however long it lasts.

Check The Heating System

The first repair is the most obvious one – check the furnace. Even though it is obvious, it is amazing how many homeowners will enter the winter period without so much as a second glance at the boiler. The boiler makes your home tick during winter, quite literally, so it is a big mistake to assume it is ready for the job. Instead, take a close look and see if you can spot any flaws. If you don’t trust your DIY skills, you should call a professional. Companies like will make sure your furnace is winter proof.

Scale The Roof

Maybe scaling the roof isn’t a good idea, but checking it for any damage is a good idea. How do you do it without breaking your neck, you ask? You simply get creative. The best tip is to look for any imperfections from the ground level or a vantage point if you don’t have to risk your safety. To make doubly sure, the hosepipe is another great option. Simply and have someone inside the house check for leakage. If the water leaks in or you see damp, you have a problem.

Fill In The Gaps

Sorry to say it, but most houses have gaps that their owners don’t know about until winter. Do you feel a draft but you don’t know where it is coming from? If you do, there is a gap letting the cold air in and warm air out. Thankfully, they are easy to find. The biggest culprits are the windows and doors because they are not always tight to the walls or roof. All you have to do to fix it is add a layer of insulation around the fittings. It is easy to do and isn’t expensive to buy.

Inspect The Chimney

Talking of culprits, the chimney is notorious for allowing heat out and the cold air into your home. You might own a house that doesn’t have a chimney, in which case you don’t need to worry. If you do have a chimney, make sure you stop the wind by closing the door of the fire. Also, clear out the flu and before you light a fire. There is nothing cosier and warmer than a fire on a cold winter’s night.

There you have it – four repairs that will ensure the winter is less harsh. The list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a good start.

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