Electrical Adjustments To Improve The Home

Most of us are scared of wires and switches, anything in which a live current runs through/ Which is fair enough, it can be dangerous and many people hurt themselves messing with it every day. But, there are certain things you can do that can make your life easier. Electricity isn’t something that needs to be neglected, it is a part of your home and you should be able to do what you want with it when . Here are some things you can do with the electricity that can make your life easier.

Light Switch Control

Do you have two different lights that require two separate switches to use? It can be a pain, especially when the switches are a certain distance apart. Change it. Link both up to the same switch so that it powers two different lights. There is a little bit of rewiring involved, so you may need to call out a to help you. But once this is done your life will be way easier. The applies to the actual switch itself. You can swap out the normal switch for a dimmer switch to give you just the right amount of light. You can do this yourself by turning off the electricity, unscrewing the switch and attaching a different one.


If you live in an older house it can be worth getting the whole place . Again, you’ll need help with this, but don’t be afraid to get it done. It can be quite pricey but there are council grants available to help you afford it. If you get your house rewired you’re basically changing all of the electrical wiring in your home that lead from the mains and in some cases the mains box itself. Having a better system means the electricity is redistributed in a much better way that saves energy and in turn money, so try to see it as an investment. Getting a rewire also means there will be less potential problems of an electrical nature such as blown fuses or sparking outlets. You should always check the condition of the wiring before moving into the home.

Additional Plugs

You know how annoying it can be, having just the one plug in a bedroom or living room when you could do with more. Sure, you could use an extension lead, but wires running around your rooms don’t look the best and can be quite annoying. Again, you can get additional plugs put in by a qualified electrician. The can make your life way easier and are a great way to improve your home. Like a lightswitch, you can change the plugs plate yourself, perhaps you want a newer looking plate or maybe one with a switch that allows you to isolate that outlet directly, which can be useful and indeed safe. You can find out how to do it yourself with a tutorial , again, just remember to isolate the mains first so that you don’t get a nasty shock.

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