The Most Dangerous Home Water Problems

When Water Attacks! The Most Dangerous Home Water Problems

Water is pretty much the best substance on the planet. It may not seem terrifically exciting to you, but it’s definitely better than any other substance you can think of. For one thing, it keeps us alive. Better than any other substance can, that’s for sure. It also helps us stay generally healthy. When we drink more water, we can stay focused and alert for longer. We get better sleep. Our moods don’t take quite as many low turns. It’s pretty much flawless, right?

Well, not exactly. Sometimes, water can be a bit of a mischief. It doesn’t always seem to have our best interests at heart. In fact, it can cause a bunch of pretty devastating problems. Your home and your lifestyle are at risk if you’re not aware of the ways in which water can damage those things.

Let’s take a look at some common water problems!

Really heavy rain

There are few things I like more than rain. That is, of course, as long as I’m inside. Then I can just listen to it patter against the window and watch people outside run awkwardly to shelter. But just because you’re inside, it doesn’t mean that you’re fully protected from the rain.

When the rain gets really heavy, it can cause all kinds of havoc. Perhaps the most obvious problem people will think of is flooding. But a more common problem has to do with . The roofing and the draining of your home might not be as strong as you think. This can lead to some pretty serious structural damage. Make sure you get those things checked regularly.

Unhygienic tap water

There are a lot of people out there who find it amazing that anyone would ever buy bottled water. After all, can’t you get delicious water for free from your home tap? Well, most of that is

certainly true for most people in America. But what if the water isn’t particularly delicious? Or even, y’know, clean? Remember the recent ?

So many people have to deal with water that’s not quite colored right, or tastes funny, or smells metallic and odd. It just doesn’t feel healthy – and they’re right to feel that way. You could look into getting a portable filtration gadget that filters the water you pour into it. But this is a short-term solution. This sort of thing should be dealt with via a long-term solution, like an .

Too much moisture

Perhaps the most common problem with water is its fondness for hiding in the air, undetected. Doesn’t sound too dangerous though, right? But all that water in the air is what causes damp and even mold in homes.

These are much more serious problems than people often think. In the short-term, damp causes ugly cosmetic damage. In the long-term, severe structural problems can occur. And as for mold, it’s not just a gross thing you can scrape away. It’s a dangerous substance that releases spores into your home’s air. The same air that’s going into your lungs. So you might want to !

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