6 Summer Must-Dos To Prep Your Home For Winter

6 Summer Must-Dos To Prep Your Home For Winter

It might seem ridiculous to start thinking about the approaching winter at this time of year. Particularly with the weather being so warm and temperate. But the simple fact is that in a matter of weeks, things are going to go downhill rapidly in some parts of the country. And, if you aren’t ready for the change, it is going to take you by surprise. With this in mind, we thought we would take a look at seven things you must do as summer dwindles to make sure you are ready for winter. Read on to find out more.

Check the boiler and heaters

Your heating system is likely to have been out of action for some time at this point of the year. It makes sense, then, to do a little maintenance on it before it becomes an essential part of your days and nights. Don’t forget, it there is something wrong it might need spare parts, and you will need to book an engineer. Don’t risk losing your only source of protection against the winter cold and get everything up to scratch before you need to turn it on.

Energy check

You should also check your current energy supplier and think about switching to a better deal. Doing so long before the winter hits will save you a lot of money. Check comparison sites such as – – and get better value from heating your home.

Check your radiators

While we’re on the subject of heating systems, it’s worth taking a look at your radiators. When they aren’t in use, they tend to settle a little which means they need bleeding. Make sure you do it – it will save you money, make your heating more efficient, and keep your home warmer come winter time. The likes of and other ‘how to DIY’ sites have some simple guides on bleeding radiators.

Equipment check

If you are expecting harsh weather this winter, make sure you are checking your equipment and machinery well in advance. They might need serious repairs – or replacing – and the later you leave it, the longer it’s going to take.

Invest in winter essentials

Summer is a good time to see if you can upgrade your winter essentials, too. You don’t want old gear to impact your life because it isn’t working properly. If you live upstate and snow is likely, for example, it might be time to upgrade your blower now, rather than later. Sites like have up to date reviews that might be worth a look. Come winter; you can guarantee that specialist items like this will be out of stock everywhere. Make sure you stock up on basics like salt, and sandbags for flood protection, too.

Gutter checks

As summer starts to turn into fall, it’s essential to pay more attention to your guttering. With so many leaves falling and blowing around, your gutters will start to fill up with debris. Blocked drains are a big that needs your attention. Failure to keep on top of this problem will lead to leaks appearing – and when winter comes you could experience freezing and cracking. The best time to start clearing your gutter is at the end of the summer – it will make clearing it during the fall months so much easier.

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