Top Tips For The Perfect Painting Finish

Top Tips For The Perfect Painting Finish

You can spend hours, days, or maybe even weeks working out the perfect color paints for your home. But, no matter how much that color might work, it will all be for nothing if you mess up with the actual painting. It doesn’t take too many mistakes to create a nightmare scenario of running your walls, floors, or carpets. These tips should help you get the finish your home deserves – and to make those paint colors pop.

Make sure you prep

First of all, your walls need a lot of preparation before they are ready to accept paint. It’s going to involve a lot of elbow grease if you want the perfect finish. Scrape off any old wallpaper, and fill in any holes or cracks. You will also need to , bumps, or irregular patches. If you don’t everything will be visible once your paint dries – and you will have to start over again.

Tint your primer

Most paints require a primer – especially if you are going over patterns or darker colors. And, the standard method is to use the primer just as it is from the tin. However, according to , pro painters will often tint the primer with a little of the new color. It can help you hide what’s beneath and makes a much better base to work from.

Never use plastic drop cloths

Plastic drop cloths are cheap – but you will never see a professional using them. Instead, they always invest in a better quality material, such as canvas. It’s a lot more durable, won’t rip, and it lies flat as if it has been ironed. Not only that, but the canvas will absorb little drops, rather than collecting them in a pool, as is often the case with plastic sheets.

Forget about trays

Again, a little ingenuity and investment will help you do a better job, so avoid the cheap, plastic trays most people use. They are incredibly sloppy, and you will also waste a heck of a lot of paint. Instead, buy a and a 5-gallon bucket. Use the grid to roll off any excess paint and your floors will be forever cleaner – and you won’t waste a drop of paint.

Extend, don’t climb

The traditional image of people painting their rooms tends to involve a . However, you will be far better off with an extension pole. It’s always risky going up and down stepladders, and they are a little precarious when you are reaching up to high spots. If you suffer from a tumble, there’s a good chance that your paint is going to go everywhere. Don’t risk it – and always go for the extension.

Always test

Finally, always check the paint color on your walls before investing in a few cans of your preference. The lighting in your room can have a significant effect on the tone of any color, and it’s always best to make sure you have the perfect hue. Painting is a cheap way of – but it can get expensive when you make mistakes.

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