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Throw a Circus Themed Birthday Party

It can be difficult to plan a children’s birthday party. First, you have to come up with an appropriate theme for the children. Amidst the multitude of movie and cartoon themed parties that have already taken place, it can feel as though the theme well has run dry. A fun and interesting idea for a birthday party however, is a circus motif. This is a good way to do something different and it provides you with a way to keep children entertained for hours. This works well either for a boy or girl and can cater to children of all ages. Here is what you will need to set up this party:

The Main Area

For the epicenter of the party – where the cutting of the birthday cake will commence, and where kids will sit to eat – should resemble the inside (and outside) of a circus tent. You can do this by renting a , Brisbane, or Melbourne, which are just some of the places that you can rent a tent. You can get one that already slightly resembles a circus tent and work on it from there. You can use brightly colored streamers and carpets – red, blue, and yellow are the main colors of the event. You should also incorporate some banners to make it seem more authentic. Also use plenty of red and white stripes to create a realistic effect.


You do not have to create actual carnival booths, although that is certainly an option. You can instead set up tables at intervals and then simply dress them up as booths. You do not have to be overly elaborate with the activities. The younger the child, the should be. Mix some more traditional birthday treats such as face painting with more carnival-themed ones such as popping balloons on a board. You can also set up a photo booth. Instead of using an old-fashioned one you can simply have a digital camera or even an old Polaroid camera. Have funny cutouts that the kids can stand behind and take pictures with.


One of the most fun parts of circuses and birthday parties alike is the food. You can get a little bit creative, here. You can choose to have all of the food in one booth or stall. You can also choose to spread it out just like at a real carnival. Perhaps you can rent popcorn and candy floss machines and set them up at opposite ends of the party. Kids can then go around and serve themselves to food as they like. It also adds to the realism of the whole party.


What is a circus – or a circus-themed party – without the circus characters that we love so much? You can get friends and family members to dress up as strong men, bearded ladies, and various other characters. Ask them to parade around and put on little shows. There should be, of course, a ringmaster who is in charge of everything. He or she should certainly dress and act the part. If you have a dog you can even pretend that he is the lion in the circus!

A little bit of planning and some creativity and you will have a that everyone can enjoy. It certainly will be one of the more unique parties that you will ever throw.

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