How to Make Your Apartment Look Spacious

Modern luxury apartments and homes are all about minimal furniture, state of the art futuristic equipments and plenty of space. Of course not all of us are on the wealthy side to be able to splurge unconditionally on highly residential property. Most of us are in the category where we opt for affordable properties that satisfy the basic needs of bedroom, bath, living room and kitchen. One step ahead and you find apartments that are inclusive with tiny second room, compact cloak room or sometimes even a lounge that extends to the walk in kitchen. Nevertheless it is always best to make the best use of the space given. However you don’t have to make your apartment looking dull and boring. Therefore this article is compiled with ample tips and tricks which will make your home appear bigger with a big price tag with the fraction of the cost. Dedicated time and creativity is all what is takes to achieve the end result.

Planning the arrangement

Before you start lifting off the heavy furniture, take a moment, step back and plan which particular furniture item will be moved and where it will be placed. This is sure to save your energy, time and effort. Imagine a function held in your home and plan it according to the purpose of the room. Think about the number of people been occupied in the particular room. By doing so, it will be helpful to prioritize the existing furniture into what’s needed and what’s not. Unlike the earlier days the modern are made with added comfort which is versatile to be used as sofa or a bed. Great item when you have to accommodate more guests. When placing chairs or sofas each furniture should be within 8 feet apart which is said to be the ideal distance when making conversations.

Consider the focal point of attention

Decide what you intend to draw attention in your home as guests walk in. Be it a large window overlooking a great view, a grand TV or a vintage fireplace be sure to arrange the furniture accordingly which will give great emphasis and structure to the room. It will also bring out the wow factor as your welcome your guests. Keep in mind the overall layout you’re trying to achieve by rearranging the furniture. For a formal atmosphere, obtain this by arranging the furniture in a strict uniform layout. A varied placement of furniture will reflect a more casual or laid back layout which is most ideal for dining areas. The correct and chairs should have a minimum of 4 feet distance between the adjoining wall and furniture for the ease of moving around.

The correct flow of traffic

This is highly noteworthy for rooms that as two doors. It is important to clear the path ways of walking space between the two doors so there will be no traffic held up when you’re hosting guests. Avoid placing large bulky furniture that can block the path which will be rather inconvenient. The walking pathway should be directed around the and through therefore it has to be an ample space of at least 4 feet of space for large doorways.

The striped effect

Did you know that the proper placement of stripes can widen the view of a room? Well it’s about time to try it out. Place a striped rug, sofa or chairs. To optimize this look place the stripes vertically aligned to the room.

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