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How to Add a Personal Touch to Your Apartment

They say happiness is homemade. Whatever is homemade surely comes from home. Hence home is where we call our sweet haven or a place where the light glows when it gets dark. Home is not where you are from instead home is where ever you call it as long as it is blissful and everything you need from a home. Of course for people who are residing away from what you call home, the sense of belonging is something that they miss. Living amidst the hustle and bustle of the busiest lifestyles in the urban city life where everything is fast pace can be exhausting and we all need a getaway now and then. Living in an area that’s new to you and living in a place that’s far from what you know as home can be overwhelming at first. So here are few tips on how you can bring a touch of home to your apartment life.

Invest on small decorative items

are equipped with the basic requirements of a Gym, Pool and spa facilities. But would that be sufficient to call it a home? Add a personalized touch by purchasing pillows, throw blankets and carpets for discount prices to add some personality to your living space. If your apartment already has cushions and throw pillows, it’s basically half the work done since you only need to purchase decorative fancy cushion covers in different textures or contrasting colors to ward off the boring apartment look.

Drape it in

Any home would not be complete without drapes or better known as curtains. It’s one essential item that should be owned by any homeowner. When selecting the drapes on the color and style of your choice make sure it compliments well with the rest of the that you place in your apartment. The rule of the thumb is when hanging curtains; the fabric should fall on the floor level. The height of the drapes should be few inches above the window frame. Once windows are open the fabric should not block the viewing of the window and should be strategically placed few inches before the edge of the window frame.

Wise choice of color

The types of pillows, drapes and beddings you choose will be enhanced by the choice of color pallet at your apartment. Be daring and select the color that represents your home for that added effect and place the decorative items accordingly. Nevertheless a neutral color will be easy to decorate with fancy bedding and throw carpets.

Experiment with wall art

Invest in pictures, paintings, decorative mirrors or if you really have some time to spare go ahead and Do It Yourself some creative photo frames of your family memories to bring that homely touch into your apartment. If your apartment already contains frames or paintings, feel free to take them down and replace with your choice of pictures, just make some . You can also go for quick and temporary solution with temporary wallpapers that come in a variety of designs and patterns. It will not mess your walls and you are free to take it off when you get bored of the look and time to switch for a new look.

Show off your souvenirs

Souvenirs are cherishing memorabilia. What’s more better than placing them in your apartment that bring back memories which will make you feel like home. Carefully placing them in manner that you can have glance when you feeling homesick can be wondrous when you least expect it.

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