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Essential Features Of Modern Rustic Interiors

In recent years, the modern rustic look has become a big trend in the interiors world. If you’ve not heard of it before, imagine open floor plans, exposed brick walls, and wooden furniture. Combined with sleek tarnished metals and concrete. It’s a trend that encourages us to bring nature inside through the use of natural materials such as wood, leather and lines. Neutral color schemes allow the color and texture of these materials to be the focal point of the room. No matter which room you are intending to decorate using this theme, here are some essential features you need to have.

Reclaimed wood

A strong element of this theme is combining clean lines with worn and warped natural features. While new wood can create modern looking interiors, reclaimed wood is more appropriate for this theme. You can use it to create beams on your ceiling or for shelving on the walls. It can also be used to such as chairs and coffee tables. Reclaimed wooden crates are versatile and can be used to make cabinets or end tables. You can use old wooden doors to create work surfaces or to replace your current doors. You can attach steel pipes or stainless steel legs to the wood to create bookshelves or a bed. No matter how you intend to use your reclaimed wood, it’s an essential feature you cannot do without when creating this look.

A Fireplace

This theme takes a lot of inspiration from cozy log cabins with large roaring fireplaces. This exudes a feeling of warmth and being cozy indoors. So having a fireplace of some kind in your home is a necessity. You can choose a rustic stone, concrete or brick design to bring out even more natural elements. While large fireplaces create a fantastic focal point, smaller ones can also work well. Alternatively, you could invest in a wood stove. Position this in the corner of your bedroom or living room, and combine with a wicker basket of chopped wood. Add a to circulate the heat and smell of wood throughout the rest of your home to enhance the theme further.

Mismatched Furniture

To give your home an authentic rustic charm, you need to refrain from matching your furniture too much. You need to find a balance between your natural materials and modern fixtures to make theme work effectively. Combine vintage furniture with contemporary shapes and designs. This adds interest and varying textures to the space. For instance, you could introduce a metal end table next to a mid-century leather armchair. When dressing these items, continue to go for a mismatched look. Use cowhides as throws and leather or in complementary but varying shapes and designs. Always remember that your home should look cozy and not clinical.

With these features, you can bring the modern rustic look into your home with instant success. Try to let as much natural light into the space to continue to bring the outdoors in. Look online to see what other homeowners have done to achieve this style for further inspiration.

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