Five Tips For You To Consider When Making Your Own Log Furniture

Pieces of furniture made using log offer more natural-looking and rustic alternatives compared to other indoor or outdoor furniture. Some of the log furniture pieces you will find on the market are quite pricey, with most costing thousands and higher. The price that’s associated with wooden furniture is generally attributed to a couple of factors, like the kind of wood used, its age, and the size of the log used.

The good thing is that you can make almost any kind of wooden furniture, with more popular ones being simple chairs, mantles, and shelves. If you are looking to build your own wood furniture, here are five tips from that if followed, could save you unnecessary mistakes and precious time.

  1. Sand the Wood 

Finishing a piece of furniture made using wood will improve its aesthetic appeal. However, to get a flawless finish, it is important that you sand the wood. If you bought the log pieces or grew them yourself, you still need to sand the wood. Working with wood in its natural form presents some difficulties when it comes to the finish. This is because natural logs may contain dents, knots, burrs, and dings that you probably haven’t seen, but sanding could help take care of them. Sanding logs will make it easier for you to smooth the wood’s surface (even if the log pieces are carved to be rough) for a more natural finish. Here is a . 

  1. Clean and Condition the Wood 

While it probably sounds silly, washing the wood before conditioning it something that you should consider doing. When you do this, two things happen:

  1. It becomes easier to see any hidden imperfections
  2. You soften the wood for finishing

Rub your log pieces with a towel (lint-free) that’s been soaked in an oil-free liquid detergent or soapy water, then rinse them with plain water. When done, condition the wood and leave it for a couple of hours to allow the conditioner to soak in before sanding it again.

  1. Only Use Hand Tools 

Today, there are many woodworking tools in the market that you can use to prepare the wood you are going to use to make your log furniture with. If you want a more homemade, rustic look, it is advisable that you avoid using automatic or electric tools. Hand tools provide more control when finishing log and will make it possible for you to create log pieces that are completely or partially peeled. At the same time, hand tools make it easier to create connecting points that are of the size you want.

  1. Tenon Cutters 

When it comes to creating tenons, you could spend a ton of your time cutting them on your own, or you could use a to handle the task for you. Tenon cutters are used to create rounded ends on wood that connect with bored holes on other wooden pieces of your furniture. The great thing about tenon cutters is that you have options to work with – you can either attach them to electric drills, or you can use them as hand tools.

  1. Gluing 

Creating wooden furniture using logs is a skill that was quite popular during the Wild West era. Woodworkers from that era didn’t have the sophisticated adhesives we use today, and mostly relied on using sap mixed with different items to create strong bonds. The type of glue you use when assembling log furniture matters a lot. It is important to note that white glue and wood glue will work on porous wood, but other types of wood will require stronger glue.

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