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Be The Perfect Host With A Beautiful Dining Room

When homeowners are worried about being the perfect host, a lot of them focus all their attention on the lounge area. Yes, you spend a fair amount of time entertaining guests here. However, the dining room is also an important place to spruce up for company. If you want to be the best host you can, doing a little décor work on your dining room is very important. Here are some ideas you might like.

I talk to a lot of people who are passionate about interior design. One of the most common complaints I hear is that a room is too “bland” or “white”. When you look around some of their properties, it isn’t hard to see why! Sometimes, it just turns out that everything in one room is a bland grey or white. An easy fix for this is adding one prominent, bright splash of colour to throw the whole thing off balance. Choose a particular colour, and then add it in little, though eye-catching splashes around the room. I find that light blues and yellows work best against white, but obviously it’s your dining room! Curtains and are great places to add colour to a tired-out room.

Vibrant yellows with a neutral white can create a cheery, spring-like tone in your dining room. But what if you want to go for something moodier and more atmospheric? One remarkably easy way of achieving this kind of look is through exposed brick. If it’s to your tastes, some exposed brick will give any dining room a rugged, architectural charm. Obviously, you don’t simply have to leave it as bare, red brick. Go over it with any colour you want, and then use that shade to experiment with other areas of the room. Dark browns and blacks are usually a pretty safe option. When you’re using exposed brick, I recommend complementing it with décor and fabrics.

With all the modern design conventions these days, it can feel like you’re always catching up with the times. However, there’s no reason you can’t use more classic design sensibilities to create a wonderful dining room. “Louis” chairs are not only very attractive, but comfortable to sit on. The only drawback here is that they’re big, and take up a lot of space! To counteract this, you should be using creams and other pale, neutral colours to give the sense of a larger room. Generous lighting can also help with the reduced space. If you really wanted to top the look off, then get a small to hang above the centre of your table. I’d recommend doing some measurements before going ahead with this. An antiquated look can be wonderful in a large enough dining room. However, if you force it into a small one, you’ll just make the room feel oversaturated.

Consider one of these designs for your dining room. If none of them are quite you, then hopefully they’ll give you some good inspiration. It’s your dining room. Jump in and get creative!


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