Update Your Garden

Add Instant Curb Appeal by Updating Your Garden

When we’re preparing our home for sale, the term ‘curb appeal’ often arises. Before viewing your house, potential vendors may walk or drive past. Their aim is to get an overall impression and make a decision on whether they want to look inside. It is, therefore, imperative that you provide them with the best possible first impression of your home.

Put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers and assess your home from the outside. Consider it from all different angles. What impression do you get on foot? Is this impression different to when you’re in your car? Note down any issues.

It’s also useful to ask a friend to do the same thing. They can look at your property with fresh eyes and may see things that you missed.

The following is a list of areas to check:

  1. Remove any rubbish or items that are not being used. Keep your garden clutter-free. This will open it up and give the impression of space.
  1. Make sure all pathways are clear. If paving is cracked or broken, consider repairing or replacing it. Opt for walkways that complement your home, whether that’s simple paving or . Weed between cracks and clean the area thoroughly using a jet wash.
  1. Keep on top of your lawn and ensure it is neat and tidy at all times. If areas are patchy or , apply a good quality lawn fertilizer. During hot spells make sure your grass is watered thoroughly.
  1. Trim back untidy or unruly bushes. Mature gardens are beautiful, but they can look unkempt if they are not maintained.
  1. Weed all of your flower beds regularly. Bark chips can be used between plants to stop weeds growing back again.
  1. If children play outside, then make sure their toys are kept tidy and are put away each day.
  1. Clean your garden furniture and throw away any broken items. Replace if necessary.
  1. Walk around the whole perimeter and check walls and fencing for signs of disrepair. Mend or replace if necessary. If needed, give fencing a coat of paint or varnish.

When , it is important to pay attention to the exterior of the house also. Walk around the outside of the house and carry out a thorough inspection. Look for signs of wear and disrepair.

Check walls for signs of water staining and broken brickwork. Ensure pipes and drains are clear, and there are no blockages. Scan your gutters and roof. Check for broken tiles and problems with the chimney. If necessary, arrange for these issues to be repaired.

Would the fascias and woodwork benefit from a lick of paint? Discolored or chipped paintwork is off-putting. It gives the impression that the home is not properly maintained. Don’t let this be vendors’ first impression of your home.

, inside and out. Pay attention to frames and sills. Take a critical look at your curtains and blinds. What impression do they give? Do they make the house appear dreary or dull? Or are they fresh, bright and inviting? Ensure they are freshly laundered and crease-free.

Much of this is common sense. Put yourself in the vendor’s shoes and look at your home from their eyes. Rectify any issues and make sure the area is clean, tidy and inviting.

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