What to have in a Ute tool box

What to have in a Ute tool box?

Whether you are a novice when it comes to building and fixing things or a seasoned expert in diy task, you will probably have a to help you get the job done. They could be stored anywhere- maybe a kitchen drawer, garage cupboard or a hallway closet or even a proper toolbox.

There are many different tools out there and you don’t need all of them. The type of tools depend on the job type and time it will take, A good basic selection of tools will include a tape measure, hammer, screw driver and a saw of some kind. These tools help to shape up your so read below for some more essential tool box items:

Tape Measure

A tape measure is a versatile tool. It is essential in so many trade practices- everything from dressmaking to architecture. The convenience of having a compact tape measure in your pocket or ute box makes things so much easier. This is basically a spring loaded tape measure that is inside a plastic or metal casing and comes in various lengths so it can be found in tiny key chains to huge 30 foot rules 

Nowadays we are all so used to using electric tools so it’s a bit surprising to find a handsaw as an essential tool but truth is old is gold. Electric handsaws can be a fiddly with all the buttons and different instructions to follow whereas a simple handsaw is straightforward. With proper protection and lots of practice, anyone can master how to use it and become a pro. Plus side is it is quite inexpensive compared to its electric counterpart.

Electric Drill
This is an extremely useful and versatile tool. The uses are plenty. It does everything from drive screws, sand and grind, stir paint in pots and drill holes when needed. Talk about a multitasking product and you are likely to find one at a very modest price.

A hammer is the most popular and useful tool anyone can have in their tool box. It is quite simple to use as it has a metal head that is used to drive nails into the wall or anywhere else required and the opposite side which looks like a claw that does the exact opposite. The handle is usually made of wood.

Screwdrivers are another popular and useful tool. They have a very basic design which includes a steel rod or shaft called the shank, a tip called the blade and a handle which is usually plastic, rubber or wood. The tip can come in different shapes to fit in with the screws and either drive them in or unscrew the.

Staple Gun
The staple gun is useful when it comes to fastening materials in work and maintenance work. People like tailors, interior decorators, carpenters, installation workers and roofing contractors find it particularly useful in their line of work.

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