Create A Vintage Bedroom

Best Tips For Creating A Vintage Bedroom

Although we all have a tendency to look forward or backwards, the present is an exciting time to be in! There are all kinds of new technologies and conventions which are surfacing, it’s hard to keep up with it all! While minimalism and modern touches can suit a lot of homes, some of us prefer an older style. If you feel like escaping the modern day sometimes, here’s some tips for a vintage bedroom.

These days, the word “vintage” is pretty indistinct. As a decorator, I’d define it as anything from the nineties or earlier! It’s your bedroom, so don’t get too fixated on what people are doing on Pinterest! I believe the foundation to a great vintage bedroom is finding a muse. You probably had a time period in mind already. If not, find one! For a lot of people, they see a single item and model the rest of the room on that. If you chose the nineties, then get a lava lamp and a water bed from . If you were planning on something even earlier, then china dolls and floral-pattern quilts could be worth a look. Obviously, it’s not a crime to mix and match things. However, this can be easy to mess up, so be careful!

As you’re planning your redecoration, expect the unexpected. I’m sure you don’t have every little detail committed to memory. I’ve heard a lot of people who are going for a vintage look say they have trouble finding features for it. This is usually because they’re not looking enough! Start going to car boot sales, charity shops and similar places to look for vintage items. You’ll be amazed by how well some little treasures have been preserved! Another good place to look is your own attic. Even if you don’t find anything useful up there, you can certainly come across some interesting bits and pieces. You could always spend a lot on imitation items. However, if you keep an open mind, all sorts of great items will jump out at you!

Many people who aim for vintage looks reminisce a lot. This can be an issue for some people, who have a fond memory of one or two items from their past, but can’t find anything close! If you’re having this exact issue, then I recommend creating something instead! You might not have any DIY talent, but there are a lot of easy things you can make which will look great in a bedroom. You may want to stencil a wall panel over a chest of drawers. Vintage wooden furniture can be easily painted to match the scheme of the room. There’s a great tutorial on upholstering a headboard here: . Whatever gap you’re trying to fill, consider a creative way to do it.

There you have my three best tips on creating a vintage bedroom. Vintage looks aren’t always easy, but they’re certainly stunning! Whether you want it to look like the summer of love or the Victorian era, there are many ways to perfect your personal time capsule.

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