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and perfume after you have dressed. Although the main furniture is important, accessories help to elevate the look and feel of the whole house and sometimes that add to the overall theme. It can be a hard task knowing what accessory to add to which room when the market is filled with new and exciting products. It’s not necessary to stay on top of trends all the time.

A few essential decor items can really add drama to your space. These include:

  • A wall clock: A clock is a great accessory not only in terms of decor but also in use. If you after something eye-catching but not too loud, why not opt for a that is the rage now. These stunning clocks will look great in any room and blend in with the decor.
  • A bookshelf: A bookshelf is another item that is practical and can be useful as a decoration. Opt for one with doors so you can keep all your personal items hidden away. A bookshelf in timber or glass will make the ideal style statement and can be a great way to store your books, photos and other knick-knacks.
  • Personal Artwork: Art work is a great way to fill empty walls with some colour and texture. You have a great selection of items to choose from such as frames, or even tapestries. Plan and choose a few appropriate pieces that tie in with your chosen theme.
  • Distinctive flooring or walls: If you prefer to go the minimalistic route, why not opt for feature walls or distinctive flooring like concrete or marble tiles. These can add an extra dimension to your home and really make the room stand out. Options for feature walls can be timber boards or chalkboard paint or even covering them in floor to ceiling wall murals.
  • Statement mirror: A statement mirror can be a great addition to your hallway entrance or bedroom. Pick one with great texture, something that is vintage looking but still modern enough to blend in with your current styling.
  • Greenery: Bringing in the outdoors indoors can be a simple yet effective way to add some much needed colour throughout the house. If you have a hard time maintain living plants, opt for those that look the most natural like orchids, succulents and olives. Place them around the house for an instant fresh look
  • Lighting matters: A well lit house is both warm and welcoming so choose the right lighting for every room and according to your needs. A bedroom would need table lamps whilst a living room would great with a floor lamp or chandelier. Take in account the size of the room and things like height and floor space before investing in your chosen piece.

So there you have it, follow the above pointers to create a space that is unique and comforting for your family and friends.

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