Handy Power Drills for DIY Homemaker

Handy Power tools for the DIY homemaker

A lot of people now prefer to do their own repairs and construction work around the house. This can save time, money and you get what you are after as you know what you are doing. In order to get these tasks done efficiently, it is essential to have the correct power tools. to make even the hardest tasks seem like a piece of cake. You can get yours either at your local hardware store or online through various dealers.

Here’s a list of the most popular power tools that are commonly used:.

Hammer Drill/Driver

This is one among the most popular as we often need to drill holes around the house to hang things like at artwork, frames or shelves. This tool is powerful enough to drill a hole in a brick wall but also quite safe when stowed away in a kitchen drawer. Having this handy will make all those drilling jobs seem like child’s play and you will have no reason to get all your pending tasks complete right away.

Stud Sensor

Have you found yourself trying to hammer a nail into your wall but it never seems to go in? Well, that is because your wall framework has studs in them to keep the frame together. What you need is a stud sensor that is placed over the wall and will beep when it comes across a stud hidden between the beams so you know not to place the nail over that spot. This will help you to hammer over nails over a hollow spot to ensure your artwork or picture frame stays firm and sturdy on the wall and doesn’t come toppling down on the ground. Most stud sensors run off batteries and can be great to have around the house.

Multi -use Tool

This is a great tool to have because it can do the job of many different tools. It’s extremely handy and consumes less space and you can avoid having to run around searching for your individual tools. This tool can do anything from scraping away old putty from walls, sanding the floor to cleaning the grout. This is a great tool to have for the DIY enthusiast who enjoys doing any repairs or building work around the house and would prefer to do it themselves over hiring a professional.

String Trimmer

Sometimes you need to trim the edges around your garden beds or get to hard to reach places and a in those cases. It makes sense to use one with a battery as it is easy to move around than lug around a big machine with a cord. They usually come with a dial that allows you to control the power needed to trim various unwanted greenery around your garden. Another added bonus is that there is no need to the machine with fuel like diesel or petrol like those needed in traditional machines.

Now that your know what the most popular power tools are, why not get them today and get all your pending repair work done so your house looks its best for the holiday season.

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