Choosing The Right House Siding

Make The Right Home Improvement Choices For House Siding

One of the most important home maintenance activities is to replace and repair a deteriorating house siding. A damaged or old siding is prominently visible and often hard to ignore. If you are not sure whether to replace your siding, then consult with a reputed a house siding company. In addition to getting an idea about replacing your house siding, you will also be able to understand the cost break-up, materials used and maintenance tips. Any contractor will give you the basic choices of raw materials like Vinyl, Wood, Fiber Cement, and Metal. You can research online to know more about the . You will also be able to get an overall picture of how to go about your house siding.

Some Information About The Commonly Used Sidings:

Vinyl Siding

This is the most popular choice for various reasons. Since the unintentional usage of Vinyl as house siding in the early 1940s to ultra high-performance panels, Vinyl panels have come a long way. With various finishes, colors and construction patterns, it is no wonder Vinyl panels are a popular choice. Most vinyl panels come with a limited lifetime warranty, however, as any product with color, vinyl panels will also fade due to long exposure to solar rays. You can also specifically ask for certified low emission VOC panels, as they are also eco-friendly and safe. Vinyl panels hardly need any maintenance, you only need to wash it occasionally to remove any accumulated dirt or algae.

Wood Siding

If you like earthen natural colors and are a connoisseur of wooden furnishings, then wood siding is an excellent choice. There are three important styles of wood siding

  • Shake Wood Sidings
  • Plank Wook Sidings
  • Panel Wood Sidings

The commonly used and cedar, as they are very durable against sunlight and water. The wood can also be prefinished or treated based on your requirements. Wooden panels require regular maintenance work like painting, varnishing or staining for longevity.

Metal Siding

The only major advantage with metal siding is the possibility of high-temperature paint finish, as that would make the siding extremely durable and maintenance free. The single major issue with metal siding is its vulnerability to denting. It is not the preferred choice of homeowners.

Fiber Cement

Today it is widely accepted as an eco-friendly, economical as well as durable alternative to both Vinyl and wooden sidings. Fiber Cement can easily simulate oak or cedar wood with both solid and grain finish. Most companies that sell fiber cement also provide long term (around 30 to 50 years) and transferrable warranties to a second owner. This will significantly increase the resale value of your house. Another major advantage is, it provides you with the durability of Vinyl combined with the strength and aesthetic value of wood. You will get to enjoy great wooden finishes that will not rot, eaten by termites, burn or shrink.

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